These FAQs, segmented by major operational areas, provide a summary of the most commonly asked customer service and technical support questions.

  • C6 plus and C7 plus Natural Gas Analysis per GPA-2261 (Typical Btu Analysis)
  • Extended Natural Gas Analysis per GPA-2286
  • C6 plus and C7 plus NGL Analysis per GPA-2177
  • Extended NGL Analysis per GPA-2186
  • C6 plus and C7 plus Light Condensate Analysis per GPA-2177
  • Light Condensate Analysis to C11 or C15 per GPA-2186
  • Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis to C15 per GPA-2186 Modified
  • API Gravity of Crude Oils per ASTM-D287
  • Density, Relative Density(Specific Gravity), or API Gravity of Crude Oil per ASTM-D1298
  • Reid Vapor Pressure per ASTM-D323
  • Copper Corrosion Testing per ASTM-D1838
  • Saybolt Color Analysis per ASTM-D156

Sample cylinder pickups and returns can be scheduled through your nearest Coastal Flow Energy Lab. Labs may be contacted by phone at:

Pasadena: 713-477-1956
La Vernia: 830-779-2011

Yes, sample cylinders can be shipped to your location via UPS.

Yes, we always welcome our customer’s technicians to come drop off their samples at either of our laboratories.

Sample tags can be obtained by contacting Coastal Flow’s Pasadena, TX Energy Lab at: 713-477-1956.

Yes, Coastal Flow offers a variety of field services for customers including pulling samples for laboratory analysis. You will need to specify whether you require a standard C6 plus analysis or an extended analysis. If you’d like more information on these services and to arrange for sampling, please call our Customer Service Department at 800-231-9741.

Yes, if received early enough in the business day, but an expediting fee will be charged.

Please make a note of which valve is leaking and return the cylinder to the nearest Coastal Flow Energy Lab. The valve will be repaired or replaced before returning it to the laboratory cylinder inventory. Labs may be contacted by phone at:

Pasadena, TX: 713-477-1956
La Vernia, TX: 830-779-2011

All lab reports are e-mailed to the customer in pdf format. In addition, lab analysis reports are available via the Internet through the BirdDog™ Web Report Warehouse system. If you need access to Web Report Warehouse please call our Customer Service Department at 800-231-9741.

Yes, we can provide analysis files that can be imported into Flow-Cal and most other measurement systems you may have. The preferred standard file format, other than for Flow-Cal, will need to be specified.

Yes, all natural gas sample cylinders are heated before being analyzed to ensure that any components that might have condensed in the cylinder during transportation to the lab will be in the gas phase.

Yes, all sample cylinders are cleaned before being returned to customers.

Yes, all liquids piston cylinders will be cleaned and pre-charged before being returned to the customer so that they will be ready to use again.

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