Gas Sales Verification

These FAQs, segmented by major operational areas, provide a summary of the most commonly asked customer service and technical support questions.

Coastal Flow imports the meter files and reviews the data as if we had processed and validated it originally. Our results are then compared to the final volumes reported by the party being audited.

There is really no way to predict how long an audit will take. It is dependent on many factors including the following:

  • The amount of time it takes for the primary measurement department to provide the requested data;
  • The format of the data provided;
  • The completeness of the data in the package received;
  • The number of stations and date-range of the audit; and
  • The types of problems found in the review.

We recommend contacting Coastal Flow’s Gas Sales Verification Department at 800-231-9741 or 281-282-0622 to help estimate the time required to process the audit based on the factors listed above.

You should audit when:

All sales meters should be audited at least once to look for systematic errors.

  • Orifice Sizing;
  • Analytical Data;
  • Liquids-in-Meter;
  • Pulsation; and
  • Incorrect Estimates.

Coastal Flow routinely performs negotiations on behalf of our customers to help resolve disputes. Throughout every stage of the process, negotiations are only performed with our customer’s prior approval.

Most disputes can be resolved without litigation. Coastal Flow has resolved over 20,000 disputes over the last 40 years and not one has gone to litigation.

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